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My Why

Social justice and conversations about humanity are an embedded part of my being and a central part of the process and presentation of much of my work. Art/Performance by its nature is a form of protest; inherently an act of defiance towards universal oppression/repression. Given our country’s current political climate and heightened tensions, I strive to create bold work that inspires the revolutionary energy of healing, growth, and change. 


Using the art of storytelling through dance-based performances, my mission is to evoke conversations that tackle difficult social topics. Through the exploration of modern dance, character development, and social psychology, I am committed to making art that is reflective of the contemporary human experience and takes steps towards community healing. For me, artistic gatherings are a reason to unite unlikely communities, provoking empathy, patience, and hope. 


My choreographic and performance work is rooted in modern and contemporary dance styles, and is heavily influenced by my more recent experience creating choreography for musical theater.  My vision is to utilize the influence of the theatrical format in my work, using storyboards, extensive background research, and Method Acting exercises to compel particular emotions and authentic performances.

Kaylin Horgan


Kaylin Horgan is a proud graduate of both Pittsburgh CAPA and Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA.  She is a founding member of the Pillow Project (Pearlann Porter) and the August Wilson Center Dance Ensemble, (Greer Reed.) She is currently a member of AntonioBrownDance (NYC) and Wylliams Henry Contemporary Dance Company (Kansas City, MO) and has been assisting choreographer Christopher Huggins, nationally and internationally, since 2017. She's worked with choreographers such as Kyle Abraham, Camille A. Brown, Sidra Bell, Darrell Grand Moultrie, Gregory Dawson, Jennifer Archibald, Robert Battle, and more.

The conversation of faith and spirit is an embedded part of her being and a central part of her process and presentation. Her choreography has been seen at The DUMBO Dance Festival, The Space Upstairs, Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, The Junior Theater Festival (Moana Jr. pilot), The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, One Billion Rising Rally, Wylliams Henry Contemporary Dance Company, Point Park University’s Summer Dance, and with musical artist, Brittney Chantele.

In April of 2020, Kaylin premiered her first full length musical Milton at the New Hazlett Theater in Pittsburgh. She is currently teaching dance at Pittsburgh CAPA, where she loves guiding young artists with the same dream she had at their age.

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